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A bit more about my journey... 

Ruahine toku maunga, Mangatoro toku awa, Ko Ngäti Pakeha ahau.

Ko Kathy Lys ahau.

I am of English and further back French descent, and was raised in nature on a beautiful farm near Dannevirke, with the Mangatoro stream winding through it and the Ruahine ranges in the distance.


Since a very young age I have been aware of the presence of spirit, and since around 2000 I have been learning about and exploring spirit work more consciously.

In early 2019 my healing focus ramped up big time when I received training in The Blue Star Healing Method, a galactic quantum healing modality Since then I have been offering healings at my home and at holistic fairs around the Wellington region and beyond.

I have a huge passion for spirituality and holistic health!  I also love my garden, my dog and walking in nature.  I’m a mum, daughter, sister, and friend. I’ve studied psychology and worked in human rights, disputes resolution and project management.

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