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What will happen in my healing session?

In person healing: You will relax on the healing bed and I will work with my team of spirit helpers. We are working with your higher or soul self, and on your energetic body (which is different from but strongly affects your physical body).


Remote healing: You will relax at home and we can be connected by phone during the session or alternatively  I can record the session and send it afterwards.

For your general energy health I will be working with my team to:

  • Check the health of your main chakras (energy centres)

  • Remove any blocks or old stuck energy that is no longer serving you (often from past traumas)

  • Clean and activate your energy flows

  • Balance your meridians (energy lines)

  • Replace damaged chakras, if needed

Golden Crystals

I provide directed healing for problem areas, and particular past traumas. This might

be for:

  • something that’s happened in your life that’s been hard for you

  • pain or sickness in the physical body

  • A situation or relationship that is concerning you

  • or something else.

To do this I am completely guided by my team as to where to go, what to clear and what

you need most.

Throughout our time I will bring through many personal messages from spirit for your health and happiness. These messages are usually associated with the individual chakras and what you can do in that area of life, for your highest good.

I will also use sound healing (crystal and tibeten bowls) which bring through beautiful vibrations to assist your relaxation and healing.

Personalising your healing

In truth YOU are the only one who can heal you! You know yourself best (even if you may not be fully aware your higher or soul-self will be) and know what is most needed. 

In taking charge of your own healing, you select the tools, helpers, healers, locations, methods etc etc, to use to bring in you whatever you need.  For your session with me I want you to feel empowered and comfortable, so I will offer blankets, eye covers, music, scented candles - please do let me know what you like and don’t.

I also have a little dog with me at home (Kingi). He usually jumps around when people arrive and relaxes when healing starts (he loves the energy too!). Please let me know if you don’t like dogs or would prefer him to be fully out of the way

Self-care after healing

Straight after the session you should feel good and energetically lighter. This is a powerful healing modality and you will have received an energetic upgrade that can take up to a few days to integrate with your physical body. We are all different – you may feel fantastic, calm, or a little off until everything settles in.

You can bring more ease to this process by:

  • Drinking plenty of water

  • Resting as much as you can

  • Listening to what your body needs

  • Being kind to yourself

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